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Dear Rev. Fathers,

Peace of the Lord.

Loving greetings from Bishop Jude. Let me wish you all a happy and meaningful Christmas and a Joyful New Year.

Christ the anointed one was born to forgive our sins without any condition whatsoever and to unite us all as one family of His heavenly Father.

We all know that our beloved and humble Pope Francis stated during the election time of USA President that anyone who builds wall can not be a Christian. Recently he has said: “Anyone who does not forgive is not a Christian”. Very powerful words indeed!

We all call God ‘Our Father’ as His Sons through faith in Christ Jesus. Hence there are no distinctions (Gal: 3/ 27-28). As Children of God, we should be willing to forgive each other as we pray in “Our Father who art in heaven... Forgive us our sins as we forgive”. Consequently we should not have any recourse to any secular body (1 Cor: 6/ 1-2). St. Julian of Norwich says: “The love of God creates in us such a oneing that when it is truly seen , no person can separate himself from another person and in the sight of God all humans are oned, and one person is all people and all people are in one person”. May we go to the Mother of theKing of unity and peace who directs us to do what her Son tells in order to cherish the real joy of Christmas.

With love and prayers

† Jude Paulraj A.
Bishop of Palayamkottai