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Dear People of God,

Peace and Joy of the Lord!

With immense gratitude to God, I pen these words in PDNL for the last time. Yes, I thank God for all his wonderful deeds. I always refer that He not only accompanied me throughout my priestly life but also carried me whenever I needed especially during my episcopal ministry. I request you to join me in thanking the God of Surprises. I am grateful to our humble and simple Holy Father who has accepted my renunciation of my episcopal ministry at the completion of my 75th year.

Next, I would offer my prayerful and sincere gratitude to the first BishopMost Rev. Dr. Iruthayaraj of happy memory who was deeply evangelical in spirit and pastoral at heart. May his noble soul rest in Peace! I take this opportunity to thank all the brother-bishops who encouraged me and gave moral and prayerful support.

I hasten to say a ‘Thank You’, dear Fathers, for your dedication and generosity. Each of you did as much as you can by the grace of God both in parishes and institutions as well as in commissions or centers. A million thanks to all of you. I pray that the good Lord blesses you and your families.

I can never forget the Religious and the Laity who cooperated with me at all levels. May the Lord of history bless all their endevours for his glory and welfare of the people they serve. Dears, I pray that all the families in our diocese grow in Faith and Charity.

But for you all dear Fathers, Religious and Laity, I would not have done what the Lord expected of me. I should say that the ever abiding presence of God did wonders not in spite of my failures but because of my failures and mistakes. I am sorry if I have hurt anyone during my tenure of office. God bless you in a special way.

I only request all of you to keep me in your valuable prayers in the coming years. God does surely unfold his plan for each one of us in course of time. Let us live the Word in the world and glorify the heavenly Father with the help of our Mother Mary and through the intercession of our patron St. Francis Xavier.

With Cordial blessings
Yours in Jesus,
† Jude Paulraj
A Bishop of Palayamkottai