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From the Heart of the Apostolic Administrator

My dear fathers, brothers and sisters,

Our spiritual life consists in the rootedness of the great event of Incarnation. Consequently our focus must be on Christ realising that everything the Father wanted to communicate to us has been summed up in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We on the other hand must strive to understand with great insight the inexhaustible truth of the Word Incarnate.

We as Christians are initiated unto the mystery of Christ in living out the incarnation of Christ through baptism. This incorporation into Christ must be nourished continuously by our constant contact with Christ. We come in contact with Christ through the liturgy above all in the Eucharistic liturgy. Where we most personally meet him and more deeply incorporated into him.

The reading of Sacred Scripture is another opportunity provided for us to meet Jesus. It is all the more true to say that not be familiar with Scripture is not to know Christ properly. Hence we must make a resolution to read from the Scripture daily. We too meet Jesus by our Interaction with others. Whomsoever the persons we meet and serve we meet and serve Jesus in them. And it is needed that we take the necessary means to grow in that awareness.

And above all, we must set apart sometime daily for our personal prayer before the Eucharistic Lord which will be a Source of Strength and light for our life and ministry and will enable us to keep in contact with Jesus as we should.

May God bless you.
In Jesus

† Antony Pappusamy

Bishop of Palayamkottai