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Ilayarasanendal Parish is one of the age-old parishes in the diocese of Palayamkottai. It was substation of Kalugumalai parish till the year 1929. It was created a new parish in October 1930. Rev. Fr. L. Keller S.J. was its first Parish Priest. He was a missionary par excellence. So to say he traveled by bullock-cart to cater the spiritual needs in the newly converted people of this village. Due to conversion, catholic has to face a lot of opposition from other religion. People withstood all the persecution and suffering. Fr. Soosaimanikam worked hard to enkindle the faith among the people and made them to preserve in Christianity amidst trials and tribulations. As a parish priest for fourteen year he has done Marvelous works both in spiritual and temporal field. His successors followed his way and work with great zeal to improve the life of the people.

Vinod Paulraj S

Rev. Fr. Vinod Paulraj S

Parish Priest
Patron of the Parish

Our lady of good health



Church Name

Church of nativity of our lady

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Assistant Parish Priest


Succession of the Priests

1. Fr. Louis Keller SJ. 2. Fr. Sebastian Arikatt SJ.3. Fr. Louis Keller SJ. 4. Fr. Leo Marty SJ. 5. Fr. M. Susai Manickam 6. Fr. A. Arulrayan 7. Fr. P. Francis Xavier SJ. 8. Fr. John Meembillikavil SJ. 9. Fr. R.S. Peter 10 Fr. Louis Xavier SJ. 11. Fr. Andrews SJ. 12. Fr. N.A. Manuvel 13. Fr. A. Simo 14. Fr. David SJ. 15. Fr. Joseph Nedunkatt SJ. 16. Fr. V.D. Arulanandam 17. Fr. Peter Monto SJ. 18. Fr. Singarayar SJ. 19. Fr. Robert Ponnaiah 20. Fr. A.P. Rajarathinam 21. Fr. Vitalis Dias SJ. 22. Fr. F. Gnanapragasam23. Fr. S.L. Stephen 24. Fr. J. Aloysius 25. Fr. Alphonse Arulanandam 26. Fr. S. Bernard 27. Fr. A. Antony Xavier 28. Fr. M.A. Saleth Jeyabalan 29. Fr. Amirtharaja Sundar, 30. Fr. Vinod Paulraj S.


R.C. Middle School (School)
Run by Congregation of Immaculate Conception (CIC), Ilayarasanendal
R.C. Primary School (School)
Run by RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Nakkalamuthanpatti