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Christianity in Cheranmahadevi more than 300 year old. People had embraced the faith even before the coming of St. Francis Xavier. As a remembrance of it two inhabitants of Cheranmahadevi were invited for the flag hoisting during the annual feast of St. Francis Xavier at Kottar every year. About 300 year back, the Christians fearlessly faced the ferocious troups of Muslims and defeated the fannies through the intercession of Sr. Michael. The status of Sr. Michael in antique. Historically the princess of chera kingdom had visited this place and it is named after her. 

Rex Justin S.

Rev. Fr. Rex Justin S.

Parish Priest
Patron of the Parish

St michael's & aloysius



Church Name

St Michael's & aloysius Church

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Assistant Parish Priest


Succession of the Priests

1. Fr. A.S. Kulandairaj SJ. 2. Fr. S.M. Arulsamy SJ. 3. Fr. Jeganathar SJ. 4. Fr. Yuvano SJ. 5. Fr. Mahao SJ. 6. Fr. Y. Pushpanathar 7. Fr. A. Miranda SJ. 8. Fr. A. Francis Xavier 9. Fr. Santiago G. SJ. 10. Fr. V.A. Pinto SJ. 11. Fr. D.S. Menezes 12. Fr. Durairaj 13. Fr. Susai Manickam 14. Fr. Philip Kaithanal15. Fr. Mathayee SJ. 16. Fr. Pascal D’Silva 17. Fr. Solomon Raj SJ. 18. Fr. Maria Jeyanathan SJ. 19. Fr. K.S. Arulanandam SJ. 20. Fr. Pascal D’Silva 21. Fr. Salette 22. Fr. F. Gnanapragasam 23. Fr. Moyeeson M. 24. Fr. Annasamy 25. Fr. M.P. Jesuraj


St. Anthony’s Primary School (School)
Run by RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Cheranmahadevi
R.C. Middle School (School)
Run by Congregation of Immaculate Conception (CIC) , Cheranmahadevi
The Sunrise Village (Home)
Run by Schoenstatt Fathers (SF), Cheranmahadevi