Abraham Packiaselvan R.

Rev. Fr. Abraham Packiaselvan R.

Date of Birth 1971-07-30
Ordination on 2001-04-22
Contact no 9442575685
Email [email protected]
Alocius Durairaj L

Rev. Fr. Alocius Durairaj L

Date of Birth 1966-01-20
Ordination on 1992-04-26
Contact no 9443501686
Email [email protected]
Aloysius Michael

Rev. Fr. Aloysius Michael

Date of Birth 1938-09-28
Ordination on 1969-03-23
Contact no
Email [email protected]
Alphonse Arulanandam

Rev. Fr. Alphonse Arulanandam

Date of Birth 1948-08-02
Ordination on 1994-06-05
Contact no 9786231991
Alphonse S.

Rev. Fr. Alphonse S.

Date of Birth 1955-03-15
Ordination on 1982-04-25
Contact no 9486428004
Amalraj P.

Rev. Fr. Amalraj P.

Date of Birth 1933-09-30
Ordination on 1958-03-25
Contact no 9442600400
Amirtharaja Sundar J.

Rev. Fr. Amirtharaja Sundar J.

Date of Birth 1964-02-16
Ordination on 1990-04-22
Contact no 9443140660
Email [email protected]
Annasamy S.A.

Rev. Fr. Annasamy S.A.

Date of Birth 1953-11-26
Ordination on 1982-04-25
Contact no 9443385470
Anto P.

Rev. Fr. Anto P.

Date of Birth 1980-02-02
Ordination on 2009-06-21
Contact no 9487833666
Email [email protected]
Antony A. Cruz

Rev. Fr. Antony A. Cruz

Date of Birth 1961-01-01
Ordination on 1986-04-27
Contact no 9443136111
Email [email protected], [email protected]
Antony Masilamani D

Rev. Fr. Antony Masilamani D

Date of Birth 1987-02-18
Ordination on 2016-05-04
Contact no 9486351131
Email [email protected]
Antony Raj S.

Rev. Fr. Antony Raj S.

Date of Birth 1971-01-05
Ordination on 1998-04-19
Contact no 9486941075