Venkatachalapuram St.Michael Shrine

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Venkatachalapuram St.Michael Shrine

The following  Aphorism , in vogue, among the Intelligentsia and the  rank and file as well brings out in bold relief the wonderful ways of God – “God’s ways are inscrutable” meaning that the plan of God is beyond our comprehension. He chooses what is weak to trounce the strong and what is foolish to confound the wise cfr. I Cor. 1/27.  God’s dynamic power has, creditably, been verified in an insignificant and a non-descript village called VENKATACHALAPURAM, situated 18 K.M. on the East from Kovilpatty, 12 K.M. on the North from Ettayapuram and 2 K.M. on the South from Uppathur.

The most famous words of Our Blessed Mother “He has brought down the mighty kings and lifted up the lowly” Lk. 1/52 have, surprisingly, come true. The devotion that blossomed in a small thatched hut, as a make-shift chapel, with a statue of St. Michel has, in the long run, attracted thousands of people; and the journey towards St. Michael that started with a handful of devotees, has encircled hundreds and thousands on their way. It is, undoubtedly, envisaged that the journey will see no end. Though the Church is dedicated to Our Lady of Assumption, St. Michael, as a second Patron of the Parish, wields unabated influence on the people.

Sahaya Wilson

Rev. Fr. Sahaya Wilson

Patron of the Shrine




Church Name

St.Michael Shrine

Feast On

16th May

Assistant Parish Priest