Sendamaram Tirumalaimatha Shrine

About Shrine

First Sendamaram had only a small thatched church as its possession. Once the Maravar Lord of Chokkanpatti was saved from an eminent danger by the freely bestowed blessings of our Lord. His heart sprang up on gratitude and he built up a chapel with the stones of a dilapidated Hindu Temple. In 1798 this new Chapel was blessed by a Goan Priest, as the Society of Jesus was suppressed and oppressed in 1773. Now this sanctuary serves as sacristy for the new Church built by Rev. Fr. J. Ignatius, S.J. in 1887. The Parish of Sendamaram was created in the 1st January 1878 with Rev. Fr. J. Ignatius as its first Parish Priest. Previously it was under the Jurisdiction of vast area, including Pettai, Viravanallur, Cheranmahadevi, Tenkasi, Karuthapillaiyur, Uthumalai, Chidambarapuram, Velayudapuram and Sundarnachiapuram. Rev. Fr. J. Ignatius served here from 1878 to 1917. He dedicated himself completely and rendered his countless service in this parish. That’s why countless Hindus enter into Catholic community to seek eternal life. In Chief centres, stone chapels were built in small villages Cheap Palmyra leaves covered the prayer houses. In 1908 a fine presbytery was built and the old one was handed over to the Seven Dolores Convent which was established in the same year. During the auspicious occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Rev. Fr. J. Ignatius, S.J. as a memorial and immortal memorable monument was built up i.e. a church in honor of our lady of Lourdes was built on Sendamaram. This Church has become a famous pilgrim centre. Rest houses for priests, nuns and pilgrims were built Mount of Calvary and grottoe of our Lady of Lourdes have been added. Fourteen on the top of the hill. During the Mariyan year people visited here in large number and got numerous material as well as spiritual gifts. In 1987 the Parish Centenary Celebration was celebrated in a grand manner by then parish Priest Rev. Fr. Joemics. Rt. Rev. Edward Francis, the first Bishop of Sivagangai Diocese hails from Vellalankulam, a substation in this parish. Many priest are here. All of they carried out then work with mission zeal. People were well brought up in spiritual life. One of the pilgrim centres of the diocese, Our Lady of Lourdes situated near the substation of Thirumalapuram. This centre attracts all the people regardless of caste of religion

Antony Viagappan C.

Rev. Fr. Antony Viagappan C.

Patron of the Shrine

Our Lady of Lourdes



Church Name

Tirumalaimatha Shrine

Assistant Parish Priest