A Workshop for Spiritual/Pastoral Leaders of Madurai Ecclesiastical Province


In response to the request of the Former Paulists made during the Former Paulists' Day last year and with the approval of the Bishops of Maduari Ecclesiastical Provice, St. Paul's Seminary is organising a workshop for the priests of Madurai Ecclesistical Province. It is a sort of ongoing formation programme for the priests of the said province.

Topic:                                      Psycho-Sexual Integration

Resource Person:                     Fr. Emmanuel Arockiam S. J., Ph. D.

Date:                                       24-26 September, 2014

Venue:                                     St. Paul's Seminary, Tiruchirapalli.

Boarding and Lodge:              Free

Admission policy:                   First come first served.

The last date for registration: 31 July 2014.

Contact address:                     Rector, P.B. No. 36, St. Paul's Semiary, Tiruchy 1; email: [email protected]

A brief description of the workshop:

Though our spiritual development/growth is lifelong, it is often taken for granted. Our awareness and assessment of this process of growth may be unhelpfully vague as our minds are clouded with our daily concerns. Even if we agree that this development has to be continuous, our efforts to grow in spiritual maturity may be in spurts due to various known and unknown reasons.

Spiritual growth/development can be understood only in the context of our overall development as human beings. A holistic human development needs to take into account all major aspects of development such as physical, psychological, social and spiritual growth. As celibate pastoral leaders and at the same time as sexual beings we need to have a SWOT analysis of our lives. 

This three-days workshop will help us explore the reality in which we live and who we are at this juncture of our lives with a focus on our psycho-sexual integration. Besides gaining psychological insights into our hidden selves, this interactive workshop aims to jointly discuss how to work towards a psycho-sexual integration in our lives so that we could grow continuously as spiritual and pastoral leaders.


St. Paul's Seminary, Tiruchy.

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